Mattress Protectors

Extend the life of your new bed with a mattress protector.


Think of a mattress protector as a smart investment rather than an add on. They can block out moisture, dead skin cells and dust all while enhancing the comfort of your bed. With the right protector you can control temperature, add softness and extend the life of your bed.

Quality sleep begins with the right fit. Bedgear’s family of bedding products empowers you to select a personalized sleep system for maximum recovery at night.

Ver-Tex Temperature Regulating Performance

Ver-Tex Temperature Regulating Performance Mattress Protector

This protector provides instant climate control through revolutionary fiber that’s cool to the touch, ensuring a dry and comfortable sleeping environment.

Dri-Tec Performance

Dri-Tec Performance Mattress Protector

Enhanced honeycomb structure allows for better airflow and heat dissipation to regulate your body temperature for maximum comfort and balanced sleep.

StretchWick Performance Mattress Protector

StretchWick Performance Mattress Protector

This protector is not only water resistant, protecting from stains and fluid damage, but it provides an all-way stretch and motion-activated, resistance-free comfort to fit any bed and base.

iProtect Mattress Protector

iProtect Mattress Protector

This brushed fiber surface quickly evaporates moisture to ensure a cool, comfortable, sleep with no clammy feeling. The naturally antimicrobial material will repels moisture and bacteria.

A Guide to Mattress Sizes: