Chiropractic Physicians Advise – How to Select the Right Mattress for Your Back

Pain Free MattressIn March of this year, the National Sleep Foundation released the findings of its 2015 Sleep in America poll. It confirmed what our in-house sleep experts have been discussing with Prime Sleep customers for years:  that pain is associated with lower sleep quality, more sleep problems and greater sleep debt. (The gap between how much sleep people say they need and the amount they’re actually getting.)

There’s a lot that we at Prime Sleep can’t do to help alleviate pain-related sleep issues, and we encourage anyone who experiences pain-related sleep debt to consult a qualified physician for treatment options. But there is something we can do: we can enlist the expertise of licensed chiropractic physicians. So we do!


Educated Staff at Prime Sleep

Prime Sleep is the only mattress retailer in Kansas City that employs a licensed chiropractic physician to provide continuing education for our staff. Not only do our sales associates learn the right questions to ask to match customers with a mattress that fits their sleep needs, they understand the environment of sleep, so they can provide recommendations on pillows, adjustable MOTION bases and other products that can provide a quality night’s sleep.

Most importantly, our associates learn that science can help remove the guesswork around quality sleep. So they supplement their knowledge with the Prime Sleep System, which uses proprietary technology to evaluate the right level of support for proper postural alignment for you – and your partner. We take your sleep seriously, so we put the right resources in place to help minimize your pain – when it comes to sleep AND the mattress-buying process.


More Information from the National Sleep Foundation

A summary of the National Sleep Foundation’s 2015 Sleep in America poll findings is available here:





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